Care to know“ 2021

(Moscow Museum of Modern Art)

Ceramics, decal / cotton, silkscreen

Edition: 3+1


“Throughout our lives, we often change our “home". Sometimes these are physical places, sometimes fictitious, sometimes home is where our loved ones are. I chose one of my childhood homes, which dates back to my teenage years and which is connected to me today and to my rethinking of the past. It impresses me that in real life we can constantly "travel" in time. The familiar smell of the passing summer resembles many of the ‘September the firsts’, the sunlight breaking through in the early morning resembles the dawn, when I was still lived with my parents and, having woken up, sat for a long time on the couch in the hallway, watching the room filling up with sunlight and warmth, the sound of the TV — usually it was someone who has woken up, or when I had already gone to bed in my room I could hear grandfather watching the news through the closed door”, — Olya Kroytor.

Installation sound