Duration: 8h. 53 min.

Zarya Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok, Russia


“Time That Exists” explores the concept of time. Every day, lived by man, leaves an invisible imprint on the course of his life. One of the things that influxes is the intangible concept of time. It seems like time exists only in our thoughts, especially when we say: “I have no time” or “I wish I had more time,” but one can actually see time or touch it. 

Olya Kroytor spent almost nine hours digging and forming a hiking path on Holodilnik Hill in Vladivostok. Every two hours, she would record the current time on a plaque, thereby endowing time with physical form. The performance concludes with Kroytor placing a flag that reads: “Time that exists” atop the hill, in an effort to make time tangible and in protest against aforementioned claims regarding a lack of time. 

Oksana Chvyakina