The Overcome (2015)

Duration: 1 hour

Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia


Olya Kroytor has practiced performance art in open public spaces for quite a long time. The artist's main topic and philosophy: a space trial with her own body acquires the status of the public act, and the risk, linked to improvisation, is necessary for any performance. The artist rejects the sterile laboratorial environment of galleries and museums for the sake of an open and unforeseen result. Performance was a real suffer to her. Hanging upside down, she was trying to shake with hope in order to free herself. The attempts to overcome the resistance of the perishing rope, the gravitational pull and the wind that continuously changes the amplitude of the rocking are the real suffering of the present. The stoic opposition to the open environment, its turbulent nature and the inability to define the right direction are the metaphoric expression of today's personality and state of society The moment when an artist becomes free has a very symbolic meaning - the help had come from the side.



Arseny Sergeyev, Nailya Allakhverdieva