2344. Penetration (2018)

Duration: 3 hours

Central Exhibition Hall Manege

The performance is based on the previous performance by Olga Kroytor “2344” where the number identifies the length of the thread that the artist’s dress was made of. In the final project of the exhibition “Here and Now” the artist moves away from the position of the main performer since the director and the performer have their own ways to go. The artwork tells about the interaction and interleaving of private stories and experience forming a web of life. The dress becomes the metaphor of the conventions of the existence. It is a reference to the artist’s earlier performance “Cocoon” where the observable cocoon became the symbol of the illusory security. In this case the dress becomes a “shell” that everyone needs to remove by naturally making their own path - intersecting and creating a new figurative reality


1. “Public and private”, Cube. Moscow, Moscow, Russia /2019/

Curator: Dasha Demekhina

2. “7th Festival of Contemporary Art“Tsiolkovskiy””, Innovative cultural center, Kaluga area, Russia /2019/

Curator: Anna Senatova (Head of the exhibition department в Innovative Cultural Center (ICC)

3. “SOS. Russia”, Embassy of Austria in Moscow, Moscow, Russia /2019/

4. “Here and now“, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow, Russia /2018/ 

Curator: Katya Bochavar (director of Ground Solyanka Gallery)